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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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are seeing a starving trend, not enough people are applying to become -- a startling trend, not enough people are applying to become police officers. two academies have been canceled because of low enrollment. criminal justice professor, robert brown says a lot of reasons are to blame. >> pay, working condition, safety has always been a concern. >> next, how the so-called ferguson effect is at play. hear from criminal justice service students despite the local -- common issue. the organization working with people who live in the same community as jenkins. he is a suspect in the officer involved shooting. carleigh griffeth introduces us
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>> we cannot reach everyone, but the ones we can, we put in 100%. >> diana pal is behind justice served. she started it in 2011. >> we began to work in the jail, and teaching class. life skills, critical thinking, and how to navigate through this court system. >> through the classes she helped men get back on their feet. included, james austin. >> he had never had a job before. he was so happy. i remember him posting the pictures, you know, him and his hard hat. >> he started turning his life around. his change of heart, did not fit well with everyone. >> tragically, he was killed. he was gunned down. >> william swain was in the same class.
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at the time, i was lowdown i didn't think anybody cared.>> today he is a former gang member, a father, and a student. >> i never thought that i would be in college. i am going as a -- for a paralegal. >> reporter: what if you had never gone to class?>> i don't know where i would be. >> they are trying to help more people through classes, community events, and meetings every monday night where the educate others and advocate for peace. >> if we can send that message, can you imagine? what can happen, that we could live in a peaceful world. >> reporter: carleigh griffeth, north carolina. >> she is also a minister at the baptist church. a hold community forms every night at 7 pm and welcome
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2016, bill clinton has been here, donald trump, and now ted cruz. it's all because the primary is one week away. we were there as they told north carolinians why their votes matter. >> reporter: before an enthusiastic cloud desktop, ted cruz delivered a message.>> i feel very good here in north carolina. we have an amazing team.
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there is no clear winner. there's a lot of that is unaccounted for. we will continue to work hard. >> they believe marco rubio will sweep next week in the meantime, the campaign office opens tomorrow afternoon. a day after concorde, donald trump will be in pastoral tomorrow. they're expecting a crowd inside the colosseum. we have posted on what you can and cannot bring to the event. we're still waiting on word for were hillary clinton will be visiting. her husband, visited raleigh and charlotte. presidential candidate bernie sanders, we spoke with him. they have a primary, and he spent the day trying to drum up more support. there are nearly 150 delegates up for grab a could -- grabs. it could help him or stop his
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cbs news only one campaign update tonight at 9 pm. police say they are being proactive ahead of spring break for students. authorities say that properties near campus are at a higher risk for break-ins and robberies. and, to fight back police will be increasing the down patrols you're off-campus areas. officials say their efforts will not cost the department. >> let's say you forget your keys, or your roommate forgot the keys. and he was unlocked. that gives them an opportunity. we try to get people to not do that. especially when they are leaving town. >> people start spring break this friday. they are trying to cut down a pedestrian deaths by coloring the crosswalk. more visibility to drivers in walkers to prevent crashes.
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at an alarming nationwide trend when it comes to pedestrians. >> -- exciting news for baseball fans. as well as fort bragg. they will play. annual baseball made the announcement this afternoon. they will play to accommodate they will need to build a ballpark. following the game, it will be converted into a softball field and multipurpose facility for fort bragg. that's great. major league baseball is paying for the entire thing. for low score -- local basketball teams pick >> that game kicks off today. today, they're kicking it off against lakeport. todd goodson, -- todd gibson
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>> reporter: hey guys. it was 88 to 66. the season 19 with straight losses. before north carolina, it was pretty good. this is the home cover -- court. he was a pretty good shooter. today, a player was an excellent shooter. this is the wolfpack. he's outclassed. -- out fast. he has 19 points including this big dunk. no need. the heated up in the second half. he went extinct three. -- he went six -- he went 623. >> i wouldn't tell him to, but
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and, those guys have the win. better make the best out of the situation. they are relying on you. >> it's tough to stop them. when he starts to get going, you are get caught off guard. >> reporter: he was a tough guy to guard today he led the way with 24 points. cody, do know who you play tomorrow? yes, they play do tomorrow. they are confident they can beat them at 2:30 pm. good luck. we will send it back to you. >> that will be another great game. homeowners could be in for a rude awakening when they look at their bill.>> it will be concerning for us. >> coming up, the change that
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how much you pay. we're getting closer to a showdown between the republican control assembly and charlotte. it is over the choice of bathroom. he says, he supports an award crew to work with them that would and the ordinance. it just went into effect last month. a fire in cumberland county badly damaged a law office. it happened in fayetteville. arrived on scene after 6 pm.
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you can see the crews on scene, they had to ladder trucks. they were closed for the day. at this point, they are trying to figure out the cause of discussing the possibility of a new hotel, hilton wants to build a five-star hotel as well as expand on main street. tonight at 7 pm, people can weigh in on if it should be built. a proposal that would mean more frequent tax appraisals. they could have an impact on how much you pay for real estate taxes. steve sbraccia looks at the issue. >> reporter: roseville is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state. right now, those who buy houses or who live here, are doing so because of the area's amenities. >> it is fairly new, the schools are new. we are interested in looking for a place that we could bring our kids.>> reporter: they are currently undergoing a tax
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thought, now that her taxes have gone up it will be that way. >> you guys had counted on the staying. >> absolutely. 4 but the county commissioners are thinking about doing reappraisal's every four years.>> reestablishes equity. that's what you want when you are distributing. property tax burden. >> reporter: they may not want to spend that type of cash. >> the reappraisal, we are projecting it will cost $7.1 million. more frequent tax increases might hurt her family's pocketbook. >> it would be something that we would watch. >> reporter: the county revenue commissioner says, that there are fewer complaints when taxes are reappraised more frequently. >> smaller changes in value typically will yield fewer appeals pick >> -- >> reporter: if they decide
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cycle, all homes, will be reappraised in 2020. in roseville, steve spray shot -- steve sbraccia. replacing the current bonner bridge. it was built in 1963 and was only supposed to last 30 years. last year, environmental groups reached a deal with the state to allow the new bridge to be constructed and not distract wildlife. -- disrupt wildlife women are not making as much men. >> there making $35,000, 15,000 less than men in the same age group with the same level of education. the board of commissioners has put together a task force to look at the disparity.>> sometimes, it's just discussing it, talking about it and figuring out a way for everybody to work together. i do think, but it's going to be better.>> the task force is
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year. this news, comes on international women's day where we celebrate women's achievements including in the workforce. one company employs tens of thousands of people and well over half of them are women. evan armer has a look at that impact. >> reporter: the female faces outnumber the males. >> the changes the face of a company, when you see water diversity. >> reporter: sandy kennedy's senior vice president of quality management. she has been at the company for nearly 20 years. >> i have seen an increasing level of responsibility, authority, and leadership of our women here. 4 although it's -- >> reporter: although its headquarters are here, they employ 36,000 people across the globe. 65% are women. >> that's well above our industry average of 39%.
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>> reporter: they contribute back to the women's development program. >> giving them the opportunity to invest in their careers, to achieve their goals, and it's really craft where is they want to be in the healthcare industry. >> reporter: they were named the most ethical company. kennedy has no doubt that her female coworkers had something to do with it. >> when you have a more diverse group of people at the decision table, you have a broader range of opinions, information sets that are considered. and i believe, you always come out the best answer in the most well-rounded and meaningful solution. evan armer. >> the women inspired network is designed to develop strong female leaders. it does that by providing one- on-one training. it has grown thin more -- to
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worldwide. today's high of 78, the warmest we have been since last october. it is five months almost. hopefully you got to enjoy the day. the sun is setting. a few thin wispy clouds. otherwise, it's pretty warm. it is dry. nothing is going on., there are strong storms in texas, louisiana, in arkansas. eventually, the rain will make it here. so we have to smooth sailing up until then. the worst thing i have to talk about is maybe a little fog for the morning commute. otherwise, we will keep it dry. as we go, hour by hour, we dropped to 66 at 8 pm, 50s overnight, and on your way out tomorrow, it will be 50. long gone are the 20s, 30s, and 40s.
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start tomorrow. and, the main reason, you continue to have a warm southern the wind from the south. that's a southern wind. -- a southern wind. as i mentioned, the rain is back to the midwest and in the great lakes, that will stay away until the weekend. we will get some clouds. not wednesday and thursday, the weather map will not change that much. the temperatures will be flirting with 80. then we bring in our next system on friday. a cold front will increase our clouds. temperatures will drop just a bit. as we head into the weekend, a cold front will try to get in. but it will make it any further than the north carolina and virginia reported. temperatures will stay above miles. scattered showers, a smaller chance on saturday, a better chance on sunday.
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it is 79 in raleigh. we will get close to 80 in fayetteville. seven-day forecast will take us from 79 up to 80 on thursday. 76 on friday. thursday, the first time we have been in the 80s in five months. starting off close to 60. how many times did we wish for highs of 60. now, we have a morning low close to 60. 72 by lunchtime and on our way to the 80 degrees. as we get to the weekend, we will drop down to 70 on saturday, a 30% chance of rain. and a 40% chance on sunday. nothing severe. just some scattered showers. keep a little ring around next monday and tuesday. but seven out of those next seven days, 70 degrees or warmer. >> i turned the ac on.
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>> in my house. >> i have not in my house.>> maybe on thursday.>> we are complaining about it all ready. >> i am not. you guys like kraft mac & cheese?
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have a n the son of a civil rights attorney josh stein learned early about justice, equality and doing what's right. senior deputy attorney general, one of the "most effective" state senators, josh stein fought to make schools safer, cracked down on domestic violence, and stein took on scam artists who prey on seniors. stein: we need an attorney general with the independence to stand up to the special interests and who will always put the people of north carolina first.
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in your consumer wants, the justice department was a second opinion. last week a federal magistrate ruled that it can't force apple to hack into a drug dealers phone. apple argues it would make them less safe. on tuesday, the justice department asked the federal judge to revisit the decision. walmart will give morgan 1 million employees a raise. this includes morgan -- more than 1 million employees a race. it includes -- a raise. it includes better training, opportunities, and all associates will be paid at least $10 an hour. those making $10 an hour will get a raise. it also includes sam's clubs. the grocery store train -- chain who only plans to sell cage free eggs. the company wants to makes --
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fans of kraft mac & cheese, may notice a better taste. they were ripped artificial preservatives. the new -- they removed artificial preservatives. craft launched a marketing campaign. >> you saw the butter and milk. >> mine was always just water. >> just water? >> yes, that's all i did. a picture can be worth 1000 words, but for this one, there aren't enough words. >> the pictures scare me a little bit, because of how
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>> meet the sun and his dad vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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let's look at that traffic. this is you us 164. and as you can see, all my cash -- this is one 64. jetblue is looking for pilots. you don't have to have any buying experience. the training program launched this week. you must have a high school program -- diploma. you must be at least 23 years old. at the end of the program. it is designed for those without previous aviation more diversity. love, you've probably seen this image -- well, you've probably seen this image. here is the image, it has gone viral.
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threw up his hand to shield his son's face. while. -- wow. it was a spring training game. landon was sending photos of his day at the ballpark to his mom. he didn't even see the back. >> the pictures scare me a little bit.>> it hit my wrists. when that happened, i guess it deflected. and, the handle got him in the shoulder which, i will take that over the alternative. >> dad of the year. it wasn't until they saw the pictures how lucky they were. both are fine. and they got to keep it. >> that's amazing. great story. while, what to do with 300 acres of land? >> after the mayor talked about
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going on. the city of raleigh is working to come up with millions of dollars to turn prime real estate into a parked. they bought the part -- bought the property last year pick >> it used to be a landfill, but now it is home to state offices. medlin right ladies -- matlin right lays out that information. >> reporter: property are ready looks like a park. city officials see more. mariann baldwin said she wants a's -- a park area you need to raleigh. >> when i see this, it's serenity. >> she estimates it will cost hundred $50 million. they view it as an investment.
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redevelopment occurs, our tax base improves. it will also attacked -- attract tourists. >> nancy mcfarlane addressed the program -- the program. we haven't come opportunities. we are starting the planning process. >> i would like to say that we are planning for the plan. >> there are dozens of buildings on the property. in the department uses some of them. they have to decide which ones to save and which ones to tear down. >> we have to figure out what staffing we need. how we will pay for it. our rehiring a consultant -- are we hiring a consultant. >> reporter: it will be complete for another 20>> reporter: it will be complete for another 2260 years. in the meantime -- 20 to 60 years.
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homage to dorothea dix. the hospital is now) the city of raleigh, for all facilities. it would be for sick -- civic services. discussion. they have a limited number of transmitters to give away to peoples who loved one is diagnosed with disorders such as autism or dementia and suddenly go missing. it's called project lifesaver. you attach a bracelet to a person's wrist or ankle. if it disappears, they will be traceable. those interested musselman durham county and live with someone who is living with someone with a diagnosed brain condition. interim chief since july, wes was a longtime employee of the police force picks civil rights greensboro owes more than $57,000 in back taxes.
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the past two years. the tax director says eight letters have been sent and he has even walked to the museum. >> as a last resort, we will typically foreclose on a property. or, pursue the action. we are not at that place. >> this is not the first time they have had money problems. a few years ago, they got a $1.5 million loan, but after the first payment things fell apart. a cultural center in northeast raleigh is working to rebuild after a tree came crashing through the roof. the tree destroyed the roof and damaged the walls. it also ruined a sound systems and cause more than $200,000 worth of damage. it has been a haven for local students and workers. they gather here to talk about
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arts, culture dance and music. >> with a lot of instruments from all over the world. there are audiences that perform. and, we lost a lot of chairs and artwork. things, that are irreplaceable. >> that is unfortunate. it is run entirely by volunteers. they're asking for help to rebuild and reopened by may. as we have seen severe weather can strike anywhere and at any time, the national weather service not only issues watches and warnings to keep residents safe, but they have made it their mission to prepare the communities through their program. alyssa corfont went there to find out what it means to them to be storm ready. >> reporter: they earned the national weather services storm certification over four years ago. >> a hospital is a 24 seven
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-- 24/7 operation. we take it seriously. >> reporter: the national weather service's main goal is to make sure that everyone has a way to receive their alerts. weather, that is a town, school, or hospital. >> enhanced the capabilities to notify staff, and visitors. 4 when they were revising their plan, they looked at other hospitals that had been hit such as the hospital in joplin missouri. it was through the devastation that they learned the importance of giving their patients their shoes when activating their severe weather plans. >> we are actually moving people out of their rooms. and hunkering down.>> reporter: their preparations do not stop there. he is the energy management. and he says, the generators and backup fuel supplies can keep
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>> we can bring up the generators, and bring the hospital on those generators, and the separate from duke without them knowing.>> reporter: this is very important, when dealing with winter storms as well. >> it's not only tornadoes, but winter weather is an issue getting staff in and out. we have to maintain operations. 4 -- >> that was alyssa corfont reported. if your community is interested, we put a link to the national weather service just go to were veterans. the pga is teaming up to help disabled vets as well as wounded servicemembers. it is tied to the reach program. we get free golf lessons. after those lessons, they get invited to take part in weekly golf outings with other that's. it's meant to be -- with other
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it's meant to be therapeutic. >> we're getting veterans to focus on something other than their ptsd, the physical disability, and things like that. hope is the tool that we are using. -- >> since it is growing, they hope to have a program in our area soon.>> that would be great. a scary ride for some train
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california. state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again. i've fought to improve schools all my life. and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight
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the city of kinston is changing its way it protects people. they have been reorganized so police officers and firefighters operate under the chiefs of their own departments. the council members believe it will provide the best level of protection for residents. it goes into effect july 1. a school employee responsible for helping students was charged with assault. they say dale ross a psychologist roughed up a 14- year-old on campus. the 53-year-old turned himself in after he issued an arrest warrant. he is scheduled in court april 6 p
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heist. -- store heist. they crashed into the store just before this morning. there is no word on what or how much was stolen. making international news, united airstrikes have taken out militants. according to the somali government, they worked with american forces to target a training camp run by extremists. the pentagon says, those strikes successfully killed fighters who were preparing a large skilled attack against the african union american personnel. a warning from commanders, regarding security in iraq. lloyd austin, the commander says, defeating isis is one of the many problems that has to be addressed. to deal with the situation, additional troops may be
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assistance in terms of providing help with some logistical issues. and, we could increase some elements of the special operations. >> another big point, a large dams has the potential to fail. if that happens, they warned it could be catastrophic for nearly 1,000,000 iraqis. in baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddy gray must testify against his fellow officers. the 25-year-old died in police custody last year triggering protests and civil unrest. william porter was the first officer to stand trial. it ended with a hung jury. the court ruled, that porter will have to testify against five more officers charged in the case. a dramatic rescue, and a coast guard crew saved two men from the gulf of mexico. it started at 2:30 am, and the
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water. it floated for two hours and refuse. finally, they spotted a helicopter. and they sent off players and a strobe light. >> we instantly started waving our hands. we were happy. >> it took them two more hours to get them out of the water. we are told they are doing fine. a commuter train derailed in california. nine people were hurt, and for seriously. john blackstone reports where the train went off of the tracks.>> reporter: train crews are working to clear the tracks after the altamont corridor express also known as the 80s train derailed. >> the hope to get the railroad lines cleared out. >> reporter: 214 people were on board.
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have caused a tree to fall onto the tracks. >> it was jolting. it was a wild ride. back -- >> we saw a few jerks. back it slid to the mark -- >> reporter: it slid to the mud. tanner mckenzie was in the adjoining car that derailed, but remained upright. >> people were crying for help. i went to find the conductor. he had flown up window. >> reporter: they launched an urgent operation. >> you have people screaming, panicking, they don't know if the rest of the train will tip over. considering there were 200 people on the train, and we had nine people go to the hospital, i call it a minor miracle. >> reporter: ipie union pacific -- they pay union pacific for the use of the track. >> it could have been so much
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they have been notified of the accident. typically, they do not send teams to nonfatal accidents per today marks the two-year anniversary of the disaster of the malaysia airport. -- airplane. they are pushing to find out what has happened. all 227 passengers and 12 crew members died. a showed support for the former number one -ranked player base is a suspension after admitting she failed a drug test during the australian open. she says she has been taking a drug to treat heart conditions for your. only to learn, it made the banned substance and list. test substances list. serena williams commended her. >> i think it showed a lot of courage and heart. she has always shown that.
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>> keep in mind, they have been bitter enemies on and off the court. a new mystery will unfold on limitless. it is centered around a mind expanding drug. what if there was a real-life limitless pill? how great would that be? stefan chase fellow -- found out, they could increase your productivity. >> reporter: from college to work, everyone's looking for an edge. the cbs show is surrounded by a failed musician turned mastermind. he is running at full bring capacity thanks to a pill. in real life there's no such thing, but duke dr. says, help is on the way. >> there is active research going on, not only in the form of smart pills, but the vices that give you -- devices that
5:47 pm
they are also -- there are also implanted chips and research -- and research. >> those sound like great ideas. but they are years away. tonight, 11 pm, what dr. -- what he says you can do to expand your brain. and, we will take a look at an fda approved drug that some are calling the new smart pill. stefan chase, back to you. thank you. do you know, it is officially still winter? we have an 800 temperature in our forecast. we are flirting with records. thursday is the day, we are expected and high of 80. the record is 81 here in the triangle, 84 in the sand hills. the will come close to a record high.
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record high. here is a live look. this is from our neighborhood network. i'm sure, that there was at least a 90% class precipitation. maybe not. temperatures are still hanging in the 70s. a couple of weeks ago, we had cold temperatures. what a difference a few weeks makes. tonight, it's not even cold. it's not bitter. it's just going to be cool. mild and 66 at 8 pm. mostly clear 59. he might have a little fog. but about 50 to -- you might have a little fog. but it will be about 50 degrees. really, most of the eastern half of the united states, the southern continue to bring this
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the great lakes will stay there until this weekend. that's when we bring the wet weather back into the forecast. tomorrow and thursday, those will be the two warmest days. precipitation in the forecast. he will keep friday dry even though we were to class in. scattered showers, not a washer, nothing severe, but if you scattered showers, and, saturday and sunday as this cold front gets close, it will not come any further than that porter. but, there are two borders of low pressure. a lot of instability and cloud cover. but still, above normal since the front stays to the north. you might have to dodge if you scattered chairs. not tomorrow, up and down, it will get up to 78. about a degree or two warmer in where we were today under mostly sunny skies. seven-day forecast takes us from a high of 78 to 79 tomorrow. 80 on thursday, 76 friday. and i mentioned, daytime highs and morning temperatures
5:50 pm
look at friday morning. he will start off at about 60. it's about a 30% chance of rain saturday. this is the beginning of daylight saving times. and, we will keep a little bit of rain in the forecast next monday and tuesday. but for the second day in a row, we have a seven-day forecast with no temperatures below 70 degrees. our 30 guarantee high, is 79. today, we hit 78. we just snuck in with a forecast of 75. another $100 for our friends at the assistance league of the triangle bringing the monthly total to $700. one of their signature programs, is the women in the program were they help women who are homeless. they get them daily toiletries, lust passes, simple things that we take for granted. if you would like to learn more, check them out at
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>> a big help there. well, coming up, dirty dancing is back.
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yes, coming up, how yo (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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here is a look at some of the stories you can find on the teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with an 18-year- old student will avoid jail time. she will serve to years of probation. she was arrested and charged for having an inappropriate relationship with a student at southpointe high school in belmont. the mother of the victim says she -- be punish -- punishment is too light. the dangers of keyless cognitions, the transportation authorities, say there are clear safety problems as more people are walking away without turning off their cars. ncdot, is still a favorite. we introduced -- jack bankston is still a favorite. we raise up to $20,000 for him. you know a little bit about north carolina film case -- history, dirty dancing was filmed here. the movie is being remade right here.
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>> this is wonderful. ross perot in gives us a look -- ross beau in gives us a look at how you can be a part of it. >> we have been using that famous line, nobody puts baby in a corner. it's hard to believe, now the remake will film and asheville, hendersonville, it will star abigail, and deborah. if you do not want to be on camera, a be your car can be. they are looking for. vehicles. you better act quick. soon as april. to find out how to apply, go to get your headshot and dancing shoes ready. moms and dads, maybe the cost of those dancing lessons will pay off.
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stay with us. families are being torn every minute. >> a deadly trend on the rise, why experts say north carolina is among the deadliest states. -- for pedestrians. a teacher battling a blood stepping up baseball in fort bragg, promising to bring. good evening, i am sean tesla -- >> in amber alert for a missing 15-year-old girl out of brevard north carolina that the western part of our state. she is described as 5'4", 114 pounds, her name is dixie made bailey. -- dixie made bailey. her students call her and
6:00 pm
health problems have those -- post -- forced her out of the classroom. >> students are pitching in to support the teacher who they say, has supported them. megan has the story.>> reporter: -- >> if you know her, you love her. >> reporter: they have learned more than social studies from her. >> a teacher, a mentor, she's always been a special person.>> she was so much more than a teacher. if you had a personal problem, a home problem. she was a counselor. >> reporter: if she could help, she would. >> if there were kids who didn't have breakfast, she would feed them. >> i would spend lunch there because i didn't have any friends. i didn't have any people.>> reporter: she made a huge impact


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